Opal WatkinsOpal Watkins

Great customer service, highly professional field technician and a fair price. Follow up and appointment calls were very courteous and prompt. Everyone was extremely polite.

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Clarence HembrickClarence Hembrick

All repairs were completed quickly by HR. They took care of everything on time, even though I work hard 12-hour night hours. I'd also like to mention that they have some of the friendliest and most courteous employees, which goes a long way in my book.

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Angela BrownAngela Brown

Our insurance company advised Hometown Restoration to look into a problem with one of our bedrooms' ceilings. I spoke with Justin, and he was professional, respectful, and thorough in his assessment of the situation. Their service exceeded our expectations!

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Kayla ShawsKayla Shaws

We experienced a fire, and Hometown Restoration did an excellent job. They are dependable and give a comprehensive service. Members of each team are creative and capable. Trustworthy and legitimate!

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Carol S.Carol S.

I was a realtor that was assigned in LA and had to take care of a property that needs repairs before putting it up for sale. One property needs sewage clean... Read More

Alvin WickAlvin Wick

In the middle of the night, my dishwasher's water line burst. When I got home, I caught it. I promptly looked for a water damage restoration firm and came across Hometown Restoration. They came right in and asked me a few questions before taking care of my house. Thank you for your excellent work.

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